Happy Aquarium Coins Guide

Happy Aquarium coins are the currency and moving force of the game. Everyone needs them and no one wants to work for them. However if you can break down your coin gathering into a strategy, it can become much easier and more fluent as time goes on.

I personally break up my coin making techniques into a few different categories and it works great. So if you need more coins in Happy Aquarium make sure to give this Happy Aquarium Coins Guide a quick read.

Make sure you utilize other tanks!

One of the ways that I first got started making the big bucks in Happy Aquarium was visiting my friends tanks. The game allows you to visit each of your friends tanks once a day, and you can get 20 coins per visit. It’s not much work at all when in reality it only takes one or two clicks.

I still use this strategy and make well over 700 coins a day doing it (and it only takes me about 20 minutes to complete). I can do this because I have a lot of friends who play the game; if you don’t have friends that play the game, look on the internet for forums where you can meet new people who play. Just make sure you stay consistent with this strategy. Consistency is honestly the key.

Take advantage of the obvious

One thing I always tell people is to “take advantage of what the game is giving you”. If you are not clicking on the treasure chests in your tank every single day, you are losing a lot of coins. Not only that but you can click on the treasure chest in each of your tanks every single day.

Buy low, Sell high

One of the most classic and respected sayings of business, “buy low, sell high”, could not apply to H.A. more. A strategy that I have been using and have quite honestly mastered is the art of buying and selling fish. Now this skill will take a lot of practice and trial and error, however once mastered can make you a lot of coins.

I generally buy fish cheap when they are young and then sell them once they become an adult. Using one of my secret raising techniques I can make sure to get the most amount of money from each fish come “sell day”.

Really though, the biggest tip I could give you to mastering Happy Aquarium coins would be to stay consistent at each strategy. Randomly doing one of two of them will not get you anywhere. Make a plan and stick to it.